Buying the perfect gift can be difficult. That's why we offer gift cards. Here is why they could be the right choice for you:

The first reason you should consider choosing our gift cards as a present is that most people really, really, (really) enjoy their time in our escape rooms. Even if it will be the first escape room that they will visit, there is an enormous chance that they will like it. Second, it also means actively spending their time with their friends/family, and third maybe, if you're lucky, they might even call you to join :)

Gift cards are valid for 12 months after the purchase date. The game can be selected after the purchase. A gift card covers all expenses for all games.

Please fill out the form:

Email address - your email

From - your name

To - the name of the person you are buying the voucher for

No. of people - the number of people voucher will be valid for

A personal message - this will be printed on the voucher

Payment method - credit or debit card

Custom amount - if you would like to give away a different amount, you can choose one of the predefined prices or use this box to write down the amount you're giving.