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SLOVE IT! Can come to you!

We have two different portable games for different sized groups, up to 15 or 100 people at once: The Chest of Lost Legends and Las Vegas—Impossible Case.

The Chest of Lost Legends

The famous treasure hunter Luka Bogdanovich has left behind a mysterious chest, filled to the brim with riches accumulated from his life of adventures and discoveries around the world. But there's a catch: to gain access to this fortune, you and your team must solve the riddles and tasks surrounding this unique legacy. Previous attempts have proved fruitless - will you be the one to succeed?

The chest is not only full of treasures but also of interactive challenges, riddles and puzzles. It's now up to you and your team to prove your worthiness and skills to earn this invaluable inheritance. Are you ready for the adventure that awaits? This game can be played by up to 15-20 players at the same time, in teams of about 5 people, and takes about 90 minutes!

Las Vegas—Impossible Case

Step into Casino Flamingo and "Las Vegas—Impossible Case"! The owner, William Joker, has invited you and your team to a competition. A competition for a grand prize of $1 million. The race when you receive an envelopecontaining the first of many mysterious clues that will guide you through a maze of puzzles. Each challenge will bring you closer to the well-preserved hidden million.

This game improves their communication and decision-making skills and creative thinking while offering them a glimpse of the world from a new perspective. The group is divided into teams of about 6 people and each team receives a suitcase full of puzzles and a shared money vault with the big prize. With a duration of around 90 minutes, this immersive experience can accommodate up to 100 people simultaneously, making it ideal for corporate events, conferences and team building events.

No matter which game you are interested in, send us an email to to start planning your activity! We bring the game to you, all you need are chairs, tables and a bunch of excited participants. Let the games begin!

Let SLOVE IT! enhance your next event with an unforgettable adventure!